Sitefinity Marketer Training

Sitefinity training for marketers, business users and content editors on-site in the US, UK and Europe or remote, online in local time zones.

Training outlines for marketers

Choose from our selection of outlines for Sitefinity marketers or create your own.


Discover how to effectively use Sitefinity to manage campaigns, content, and analytics; all to gain competitive advantage with this powerful, yet fun to use CMS.

Sitefinity for Marketers


Learn how to prepare, input and maintain highly efficient website content while truly enjoying Sitefinity.

Sitefinity for Content Editors – PART 1

Sitefinity for Content Editors – PART 2


Our senior consultants provide project managers, team managers, and business executives with important information and advice on how to avoid problems and ensure the success of your Sitefinity project.

Sitefinity for Managers