Sitefinity Training for Digital Teams

This popular approach is about aligning your entire digital team with Sitefinity best practices over 3 days! It's a streamlined package that covers business and technical aspects of the Sitefinity platform.

3-day training package

The ultimate time and cost-effective option when business and technical users need to be trained
  • How to use Sitefinity as a Content Editor
  • How to use Sitefinity as a Marketer
  • How to use Sitefinity as a Developer
  • How to use Sitefinity as a Designer
  • How to use Sitefinity as a System Administrator
  • How to use Sitefinity as a Team!

Digital teams that wish to learn about technical and business aspects of Sitefinity.


3 days (8 hours/day)


The first day of training brings business and technical users together and presents Sitefinity best practices, functionality, and tools form the user perspective. It’s delivered in accordance with Sitefinity for Content Editors outline.


The second day is reserved for developers and technical users. It’s delivered in accordance with Sitefinity for Developers outline.


The third day is left for a custom selection of topics uniquely shaped to address the needs of your team and project.

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